The VRPA was formed in 2002 and is dedicated to keeping pinball alive in the Lower Mainland. We get together regularly for both league and casual play. Most events are held on weekends in the afternoon or evening, but the Summer and Christmas events are an amazing all day experience.

Our association continues to increase in members. There is a wide variety of skill levels and ages, but the one common thing we all share is a love for the game. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information, please see membership details or contact us at

02/01/2014 Tournament KYL
03/01/2014 Tournament TOM
04/05/2014 Tournament JAK
05/03/2014 Tournament BJF
07/05/2014 Tournament Nitro
09/06/2014 Tournament ZIO
10/04/2014 Tournament TBA
11/01/2014 Tournament Jeff
12/6or7/2014 Xmas party/finals TBA
All dates are approximate and may be changed to accommodate the host or any special events surrounding the date in question. All changes will be posted as early as possible. Informal social nights will be held throughout the year and will to be announced in the members section of the forum.   -- Last Updated 12/31/2012


1. JPR (219 points)
2. ed wood (212 points)
3. silverball (206 points)
4. Live2Win (195 points)
5. DRM (194 points)
6. REG (193 points)
7. Lighthouse (192 points)
8. Formosa (188 points)
9. steely menace (177 points)
10. TMC (164 points)
11. TheShadow (158 points)
12. pinballkyle (156 points)
13. davegrant (141 points)
14. Zio (137 points)
15. CAM (133 points)
16. Andy (131 points)
17. EGR (128 points)
18. KAG (124 points)
19. LJR (96 points)
20. TilTED (91 points)